The Planet Game

Aim of the Planet Game

In this team game, each team attempts to be the first to score 10 points or to have more points than the opposition after a certain time.


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Objective of the Planet Game

  • Cooperate with teammates to collectively overcome opponents while also following the rules
  • Avoid collective play (break up collective clustering around the ball)


8 years and up

When to play the Planet Game

This team game helps counter the collective clustering around the ball that can be seen among inexperienced players in team sports. It also helps players develop the quality of their passing and their decision-making.

Number of players

From 6 to 10 players.

Equipment for the Planet Game

  • 5 circles (for 4 players per team) – these are the planets. There should always be one more circle than the number of players per team (i.e. 4 + 1 circles).
  • Two sets of bibs to indicate the teams
  • A playing area (half a basketball court will work)

Organisation of the Planet Game

The circles are distributed across the playing area, more or less equally spread out. All the players are in the playing area.
Rules of the Planet Game

  • When the ball bounces within a planet, the team that bounced the ball scores a point.
  • If an opponent has his or her foot inside a planet, the team with the ball cannot score a point in that planet while the opponent’s foot is inside it.
  • A player cannot move while holding the ball.
  • A player cannot snatch the ball out of an opponent’s hands.
  • When the ball goes out, the other team restarts play.
  • Players cannot score a point directly when restarting play from the touchline. The ball must be passed to a player within the playing area.
  • If a foul is committed, play restarts with a throw-in from the touchline.
  • When a point is scored, the game continues. If the team that scored retrieves the ball, they can continue in possession.

Since the rules are fairly simple, children can referee the game themselves.
Team game with ball - The Planet Game

Variant of the Planet Game

To score a point, a player must:

  • Bounce the ball in a circle and have a teammate catch it

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