Human Connect Four

Aim of Human Connect Four

For the attackers, to score as many points as possible by lining up the team’s 4 players.


Traditional games – Team games


  • Position yourself based on your teammates and/or opponents
  • Cooperate as a team in order to achieve a goal
  • Communicate with your teammates


9 years and up.

Why use Human Connect Four?

This version of the famous board game Connect Four allows players to work on their thought process as a team. It requires players to communicate with each other. This game is cooperative.

Number of players

8 players per game

Equipment for Human Connect Four

  • 20 circles or platforms
  • 8 bibs in 2 different colours to indicate the teams

Organisation of Human Connect Four

The circles are arranged in 4 lines of 5 circles to create the game board. They are placed around 2 metres apart.
This traditional sports game is divided into 2 halves of 3 minutes each. In the first half, one team attacks and the other team defends, then the roles are reversed in the second half.
Before the game, the teams arrange themselves around the game board. When the game starts, the attackers attempt to form a line by each positioning themselves within a circle. The defenders occupy the circles to prevent the attackers from forming a line.
Each time the attackers manage to form a line, they score a point. The game continues and they must find another way to form a line. Once the first half is over, the roles are reversed.Human connect four

Rules of Human Connect Four

  • The team that scores the most points while attacking wins the game.
  • There can only be one player in a circle. The first player to put his or her foot inside a circle can stay there.
  • Players can stand in any circle.
  • When the 4 players form a line, the attacking team scores a point.
  • Once a team has scored a point, the players must move in order to score further points.


This traditional game can be adapted for team sports in order to work on ball handling while playing the game.

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